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To All our Esteemed Clients and Customers
Kindly take note of our company policies and terms in all our business dealings as below.

  1. Price will be reviewed on daily basis and will be confirmed on the day of signing of Agreement.

  2. Products quantity and quality will be subject to availability at the time of contract. Ample notification will be given if there is a change in quantity or quality before the next purchase.

  3. We offer our products on FOB and CIF terms whichever is applicable. For CIF terms, the cost of shipping will be added to our FOB cost. We have no control over shipping cost and Buyers are welcome to arrange their own shipping if necessary and appropriate.

  4. For Petronas D2 diesel oil and Palm Biodiesel, we usually offer for sales on FOB terms only. However we can arrange for vessels for transportation to destination port. Shipping cost will be added to the FOB price. Alternatively Buyers can arrange their own vessels.

  5. Since we are Traders, Exporters and Resellers, we do not manufacture or produce any of the products offered for sale. All deals, documentations and payments will be conducted by us exclusively but the products will be shipped directly to client’s destinations from our contract Manufacturers, Producers and Wholesale suppliers.

  6. For every products offered there are specific sales procedures and terms to the followed, to facilitate fast and cost effective transaction at the fasted time possible. Kindly request for the procedures and terms for each transaction. 

  7. From time to time there will be additions and deletions of products to our list of products offered and additional policies may be added or deleted. Kindly visit our websites for any policy or product updates.

  8. All informations given are without prejudice and all our deals are subject to final confirmation and written agreements.

  9. Please write to us officially on your letterhead, signed and stamped if you require further details of our products offered and we will reply you promptly.

Thank You.

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